Lazúli Hotel Itatiba

Surrounded by an Atlantic rainforest and beautiful landscapes, Lazúli Hotel Itatiba is set in a mountainous region with dams, and offers pleasant corners to relax and enjoy the sunset.
Close to a zoo, rural properties and stills, guests of Lazúli Hotel offer a variety of nature walks.
It is a region that stands out for the production of handicrafts, fruits, flowers, sweets, furniture, knitwear and implements, and enables a form of historical and cultural tourism, as well as access to shopping malls and theme parks.
The forms of leisure suggested by the hotel are:

  • Ecological walks
  • Visit to Zoopark * (internationally known zoo);
  • Know the Circuit of Fruits

  • Routes of rural tourism

  • Evidence of delicious stills drinks from the region

  • Visit the malls of the region

  • Visits to factory stores (furniture, table and bathroom, among others);

  • Visits to historic colonial farms of the region (Fazenda Vila Rica, Fazenda Santa Bárbara, Fazenda Lageado, Fazenda Santa Helena, Fazenda Dona Inês and Serra dos Cocais);

  • Visitas a outros espaços de eventos na região (Fazenda Terras de Clara, Espaço Apoema e Fazenda Santa Isabel);

  • Visit to the Shrine of the Schoenstatt

  • Participate in regional, religious and popular festivals.

Hotel guests will have discounted prices to visit the Zoopark.
You can also enjoy some of the wonders that the city of Itatiba has to offer such as:

  • Planetarium

  • Museum
  • Parques;
  • Parks
  • Stores
These are just a few choices you can make during your stay at the hotel.
When you are here, you will certainly find more options, making your Lazuli Hotel experience the best there is

Recommended Attractions


Lazúli Hotel – Itatiba 

Rodovia D. Pedro I, Km 95,5,
Bairro Morro Azul – Itatiba – SP Brasil – 13.252-800

Tel: +55 (11) 4538-7208 | 4538-7209 
Cel: +55 (11) 9 5413-2822 | (11) 95265-8581
VOIP 3522-1009

Website: www.lazulihotel.com.br 
Email: reservas@lazulihotel.com.br





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