hi everyone my name is Isaac and as a students I basically use my macbook pro for almost everything at school but just recently I gave myself a little challenge I decided to leave behind my MacBook Pro and simply just use my new 20 18 11 inch iPad pro for all of my school work to see how much I could actually do and get done on just an iPad and believe it or not I was genuinely surprised I didn’t miss my laptop nor did I have any desire to ever even pick it up and use it ever again the iPad experience has been really good so far but in this video we’re gonna see if it’s a good main computer for the long term especially as a student find out more after this this video is brought to you by paper-like a special screen accessory if your iPad pro that makes writing or drawing with the Apple pencil feel just like paper hit the link in the description to learn more the main reason why many people including myself love the iPad pro is because of the portability my day consists of a lot of walking hopping on and off public transit catching ubers and lyft’s going from one class to another sometimes in different buildings and I’m also in advertising and design students there’s inspiration everywhere in the city so it’s important to have a device right to go to write down draw or mock-up any concepts or ideas that I have in mind and the iPad pro is kind of the perfect device for all of that and because of the portability I actually chose the 11 inch model and I haven’t regretted that decision since I love the size of the 11 inch and not for a second have I wanted the bigger 12 point 9 inch model plus the 11 inch is also a bit cheaper as well which is definitely a win it also weighs basically nothing so it’s a joy to carry around and use plus it looks and feels awesome with that brand new super boxy industrial looking design Apple really nailed it here with the look and feel of this tablet you definitely need to get the keyboard as well it is so much better if a typing experience compared to typing on just a touchscreen the tactility is great and while the angles aren’t as adjustable as I’d like them to be it is a pretty good keyboard case until third party options come available in the Apple pencil well definitely a bit more optional you’re probably gonna want to get that too as it’s really a great experience for navigating the iPad kind of like a mouse using it for writing or drawing which is excellent and also there’s basically zero noticeable latency as well which makes it super fun to use and makes it very close to actually using a pen and paper I’m not the absolute neatest writer or the best artist for drawing in the world as you can definitely see here but it’s kind of perfect for me for get my ideas down quickly before making them into an actual fully produced reality [Music] writing notes on the iPad pro is definitely an amazing experience especially in notability where I can write draw and highlight with the Apple pencil take pictures and record audio from lectures get internet information and paste it directly in this is one of the absolute best use cases for an iPad pro especially for school and to me personally it’s actually all I use for reading out notes no pencils no paper no pens or anything just this iPad and it works excellent and the 120 Hertz Retina display on the iPad pro is something else it is buttery smooth you’ve never seen anything like it it is just so fluid it makes the device actually feel faster and it actually is especially with those new gestures and having no home button the iPhone like gestures here are amazing as well as with face ID no problems here either it’s super quick super convenience and this has got to come to the MacBook lineup it’s just that good there’s also a whole bunch of keyboard functions and other tricks as well to make typing and navigation it’s just that much better on the iPad I just wish the Apple pencil was used a bit more for gestures and was a bit closer to a mouse in terms of functionality dragging text and images to copy between applications is also a pretty good experience and makes using the iPad pro much more intuitive than you’d expect on a touchscreen display it also finally as USBC Thank You Apple which actually makes finding adapters cables and accessories that much easier and also that much cheaper as well as it’s no longer a proprietary charging or adapter system but if you have an iPhone or an older Android phone you’re gonna need to bring around at least two different chargers with you on a daily basis link down below to the cable I actually use it has three different ends you can swap out so you can have lightning micro USB and USB C which makes it super handy but I just really hope Apple adds USB C to the next iPhone that would make life just so much easier you can also plug the iPad pro directly into a monitor but the aspect ratio won’t match up with the iPad display so you’re gonna have some black borders for sure but hopefully developers can actually bring along a two pane kind of view so you can have one thing on the display and one thing on the actual iPad which would be pretty cool for productivity and actually use the iPad pro it can definitely be a bit tough to get used to at first on a daily basis especially coming from like a full real desktop computer or a laptop experience when you do be used to it it’s tons of fun to use I love working on my essays on here using the internet for research is a great experience keynote works very well too you can of course get office use Google Docs all that stuff as well it all works great editing photos is also pretty awesome here at the pad pro especially with the right applications like Lightroom or vsco both are great for quick edits on the go there are definitely plenty of applications that take advantage of the full iPad pro experience for sure but before you buy an iPad pro check the app store first make sure the app or function you need is available before you purchase the iPad just to make sure you can do everything you want on the system the split screen multitasking is very useful and also very convenient on the iPad pro but I just wish there were some more options available with multitasking I wish there are like freeform floating windows or more split screen window options available and have the ability to actually have two windows open from the same application would be an amazing feature which should definitely already be here you can only have one window open from one application at a time which just isn’t that great ok so the iPad pro does 80 percent things I want to do for school and does them all incredibly incredibly well I can work on concepts type out essays talk to my groups very easily type out emails draw write with the Apple pencil do some light photo editing and it actually comes to relaxing this is a great social media and video watching experience on a device that is super portable and is a joy to use but that very last 20% the stuff I need a my iPad prototype a fully replacement computer on a daily basis all I’m asking for is a full version of Final Cut Pro 10 Photoshop Adobe Illustrator and InDesign and that’s basically it with those applications I would completely switch to the iPad pro as my daily device I’m sure in the future that will definitely be some official versions of most of these applications like we’re already getting Photoshop next year for example but for now there are actually some great alternatives to actually use in the mean time there are things like luma fusion for video editing which is very close to Final Cut Pro works extremely well with a whole bunch of features there’s also a graphic which is a good illustrator alternative and the mobile Photoshop is OK for now just for some light things but we definitely need some full applications especially from Adobe there’s also kind of no full official external storage functionality available on the iPad pro natively so you plug in an SSD or a flash drive basically nothing happens and based on my usage over the last few days it is definitely a very capable and fun machine to use but some things do feel a bit more complex or tough to do on the iPad pro than they would be on a full laptop or desktop computer and there’s also the price as well so you have to decide if what the iPad offers you with a touchscreen and the Apple pencil is better than having a full MacBook Air MacBook or low-end MacBook Pro but to be completely honest I’m holding out a lot of hope for iowa’s 13 coming out next year and if Apple plays its cards right it could be a huge update to the iPad pro I hope Apple adds better multitasking a better file manager more desktop functions and features the ability to actually use more desktop great programs on the iPad pro as well of course with Apple only time will tell what i OS 13 does for the iPad pro but it can basically reinvent the purpose and the future of the iPad if it lives up to the hype this video was brought to you by paper like a special screen protector for your iPad pro that gives you much more control when writing or drawing with your Apple pencil while drawing on glass can kind of be slippery and slick with the Apple pencil drawing a paper like just feels significantly better and gives you a much more realistic and natural feel it’s very easy to install reduces glare and those crazy finger prints that show up on your iPad pro display don’t show up here paper like is available for all previous iPad pro models with the brand new 2018 iPad pro version coming up very soon it’s on pre-order right now with free worldwide shipping and a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee hit the link in the description to buy a paper like for yourself [Music] so what do you think of the new iPad pro has it replaced your computer could it replace your computer let me know in the comments down below and thank you for watching [Music]